Noise inside PC, 2 PC with different brands.

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I just bought 2 computers, but not identical. I will not post their brands here. I use them all the same time for rendering. After 2 hours, PC 1 is making grinding sound but not that bad, while PC 2 is still at stable sound or not that noisy. What could be the differences here? I am suspecting its the fans inside. 


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Noise inside PC, 2 PC with different brands.


Since both computers are doing the same tasks, then its hardware and Bios setup differences. Here some probable causes of noisy PC. Usually we look at the things/parts moving inside your box/PC.

A. The vibration between your PCs and the table. Make sure its not vibrating that loud.
B. Make sure your hard disks, optical disc, all the fans inside are tightly placed or screws are tight.
C. The fans will use maximum speed if temperature inside the PC is really hot. Fans from power supply, side and rear panels.
D. Make sure your room temperature is not too hot for you and the PC, but not too cold, moisture will develop.
E. Lastly, check your manual for BIOS setup on power management and temperature control. The warmer, fans work double.
F. Observe it and revert with feedback.



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