My pc freezes and towers makes two beep noises?

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When I work for around 30 minutes.

My pc freezes and towers make's two beep noises?


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My pc freezes and towers makes two beep noises?


My personal experience telling me this is a RAM problem, just bring your RAM out of the system and try to clear its dust from slot and from RAM and put back in, System will be ok.

If no then, hold you installed any new instrumentation in your System in the net period or so?

If you respond yes, then put off that and restart to see if the trouble is set on.

Did you change your lately affected or hit your System?

Occasionally yet the common shitting can drive parts of the hardware to misalign.

Just push all hardware slightly in to their slots.

If problem still persists then check Bios and try to update, if the result still same take your system to Hardware Specialist.

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My pc freezes and towers makes two beep noises?


Actually, every time I encounter a problem like this with the computers I am fixing, I generally don’t rely anymore with the beep sounds it generates. If you will rely your conclusion based on the number of beeps in creates, it will add extra work since you need to check first the kind of beep it generates with the CPU’s BIOS version and this doesn’t always fix the problem. Every BIOS version has an equivalent POST error codes that matches the beeps from a computer and even if there is indeed a match, the cause is not always the same.

And there are times that you will not get any display from the screen so you need to find a way to go around it. The best way to check the CPU with a beeping sound is to remove each of the attached devices one at a time depending on the cause of the problem. The problem in your computer is not that severe since you can still use it for a couple of minutes like what you said for around 30 minutes then the system hangs.

If this scenario frequently happens, check if your CPU’s fan is still working fine. One of the usual causes is an overheating processor. But the difference with an overheating processor is that the computer shuts down in an instant and you will not be able to turn it back on for a couple of minutes until the processor becomes cold again. And this is also followed by a couple of beeps. In your case, you should check the video card. This is usually the cause of sudden freezing and sometimes unexpected system restarts.

Try to replace your video card if you have an extra one. System freezing can’t be associated with a problem in the memory. But there is a very little chance that a sudden restart is caused by a problem in one of the RAM cards. I encountered this kind of problem before which got fixed after I replaced one of the memory cards in my CPU. But it’s hard to prove if a problem is associated with the RAM not unless you have some spare RAM cards to test it with like in my case I have several memory cards.

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