PC Restart By It Self.

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I used OS is XP SP2…

My Ram Is 512 MB…

The Problem is, my pc always restart by it self.
I don’t know what the caus..is
Last year.

As I remembered.

I have this same kind of problem.
but after a few month..the pc just seems to be good.

But now, the problem is back.
I’ve run my anti spyware and antivirus.

But both of them didn’t find anything suspicious.
I don’t what else I could do.

Please help me to fix the problem

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PC Restart By It Self.


Your computer is infected by viruses. If your computer runs normally on the start and just suddenly restarting every once in a while.

Solution 1 Install an anti virus software on your computer and as much as possible, work your way to scan the system. If there is something that is detected by the anti virus and deletes it. You will not have any problem with the operating system.

Solution 2 It is a possibility that your operating system is already severe and needs reformatting. It will give you a new operating system on your computer and also a virus free system. But this time make sure that you install an anti virus afterwards, this is to make sure that your computer is protected and has a less probability of virus entering the system.

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PC Restart By It Self.


Hello Blackjan,

 As i have noticed that when your PC automatically restart it may cause of this following:

A Virus that may affect your syste32 and cant heal with your anti virus because it already been affecting your whole system files.

A blue screen which may say a dump memory that means a memory has been damage.

A mother has a minor defect or harddisk cant handle the Operating system. 

A power supply which is overheating.

Try to restart your computer if it still restart and still you can get on desktop and able to use the computer that means its a virus try  to reformat your computer and if this still exist that means your hardware has a slightly defect already.

Hope it works for yah,


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PC Restart By It Self.


Try This Solution – While the Computer Starting Press F8 and Select Safe mode Then Press Enter .

Try to Restore your windows.

After successfully  restored if the pc restarting still please check those solutions

1. Check the CPU fan working properly? , and power supply too please check the fan of power supply

2. Please Remove the ram and clean it then change to another slot

3. If you are Using graphic card try to remove and connect again

Then Please Switch on the pc and check it

Hope Your Problem Solved  If you Facing the problem still please try to install any antivirus program and scan your pc .

while you installing  The antivirus if the pc restarting itself there is nothing to do you can reformat the pc

Good Luck.

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