Buying a new monitor and setting it properly with CPU

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I want to buy a new monitor for my desktop computer. I am thinking of buying Acer G236HL. I would like to know how much is it? What are the specifications and what are the system requirement where it will work properly? Can you show me how to properly connect this to my desktop? What if I want to use it as my television? Will it work with coaxial or I need to use other port? What are the benefits of using this screen than any other available out there?

Please provide me assistance.

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Buying a new monitor and setting it properly with CPU


Hello Brenda!

This is product is being sold for $179 – $250. It doesn’t have any limitation to system requirements only the ports where we can connect it to. The packaging contains G236HL Widescreen LCD Monitor, a VGA Cable and a power cord. It doesn’t support coaxial cable television. It on supports VGA and DVI connections. You need to use other cord like a converter to make it work like a television set. Please remember that this monitor doesn’t provide us tuning capabilities. Don’t make it so complicated to connect a monitor. I will tell you that it is easy to connect this. Just connect the VG cable to the back of the monitor and computer port. Plug in the power cord and ready to go. The best thing about this monitor is that it is a super-slim monitor, bright and clear picture. Though speakers are not included in its feature, you’ll be able to watch a big screen size and best picture quality.

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