How to change the default drive letter for my hard drive

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Hi all,

I am having a problem with my Windows XP. There are some errors that keeps on popping and my computer seems to run slow. I thought this is caused by some virus, but my anti-virus cannot detect anything. So I decided to format my computer.

But after installing the windows I notice that the default drive is not C: I don’t want to change the drive manually in computer management because it is not safe. How can I change the drive letter back to C? Do I need format it again? And is there any problem if my windows run from a different?


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How to change the default drive letter for my hard drive

  • When installing Windows Operating system it will look for a hard drive that is available. If you have a failing hard drive and your want to re-install the Windows this issue will take place because of other drives are available. Other drives are detected like DVD/USB/CD before the hard drive for the windows installation is detected.
  • If you had it installed to another drive, I suggest that you perform again a re-installation of Windows if your really want to have your operating system under drive C. If you are thinking to change this by accessing and modifying the registry, then you might encounter more problems on your computer.
  • If you are satisfied that your default Windows installation is not drive C then it is ok and no problems will occur. But most of the programs when you install them the default path will be drive C so you need to manually type the drive letter or browse it to the drive letter every time you install a certain program.
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How to change the default drive letter for my hard drive


Hi Charles,

  • A laptop or computer can make use of as much as 26 drive letters, starting from A through Z. Utilize drive letters C through Z when it comes to hard disks. Drive letters A and B are actually available only for floppy disk drives. Then again, in case your laptop or computer doesn't have a floppy disk drive integrated, you'll be able to designate these letters to the removable drives.
  • This guide details just how to designate, to modify, as well as to get rid of drive letters for a drive, a partition, or perhaps a volume through the use of the Disk Management snap-in in a Windows XP Operating System.

Here is how to modify a drive letter:

To be able to change an active drive letter from a drive, a partition, or perhaps even a volume, follow the steps below:

  • Login as an Administrator or if your username is part of the Administrators group, then log in normally.
  • Click Start, go to Control Panel, and after that click Performance and Maintenance.
  • Mouse click Administrative Tools, double mouse click Computer Management, after which you can open Disk Management within the left pane of the window under Storage.
  • Right-click the drive, or the partition, logical drive, or perhaps the volume that you would like to designate a drive letter to, after which select Change DriveLetter and Paths…
  • Press the Change button.
  • Click the "Assign the following drive letter:" in case it's not selected already. Beside it, press the drop down menu of the drive letters. Choose the drive letter that you desire make use of, and after that click OK.
  • Just click Yes whenever you are prompted to confirm the change.
  • Exit or simply X out the Computer Management console window

Follow the steps carefuly. Good luck!

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