Memory low error , how to solve it?

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Hi buddies,

I have a Desktop PC (Intel Pentium 4, 2.26 GHz processor, 256 of ram with Windows XP home edition SP2). I have got a problem that; I am always getting the Memory low error when I load the windows. I have tried many things including RegCure, Registry cleaner, system mechanics and other error fixing programs. I also ran a defragmentation on the total hard disk.

But the problem was not being solved. Moreover, if I reinstall the operating system, the problem comes again after some days of installing. I watched this on both user’s and administrator’s accounts. I don’t know what I should do now. This problem giving me a lot of irritation. Anybody please recommend me to do something so that I can repair my PC.

Thank you.

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Memory low error , how to solve it?


Hi Tryon,

So sorry to hear that your computer is having a “low memory” issue. Looking at your specs though makes me wonder. Your CPU is OK, although the problem is with your memory (256). How come you have not tried to upgrade to even 512 MB or higher for starters? We will however have to make do with what you have to see which solution works best for you.

  • Let’s check to see how many startup programs you have which unnecessarily take up RAM by running Mike Lin’s Startup Control Panel Uncheck all the applications you don’t need to run at startup. Go check on the other tabs HKLM /Run, HKCU /Run, and Run Once while you’re at it, removing the ones you don’t need to run.
  • Windows XP has a lesser featured built-in application called the Microsoft System Configuration Utility. Just go to “Start>Run” and enter “msconfig” without the quotes, click on the “Startup” tab and uncheck the ones you don’t need to run at startup. Doing so reduces your memory footprint, leaving windows more free memory for the apps you are planning to run.
  • Add virtual memory by increasing the system paging file size. Doing so should free up enough RAM for other programs to run properly. Just go to “Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced”, click on “Settings” via “Performance Options” to change virtual memory size. Increase the “Initial” and “Maximum” settings to a higher value depending on your free hard disk space. Reboot to test. Play around with the settings for maximum effect.
  • Allocating a 2ND Partition, deleting the page file on C: and creating a page file on the new partition works for some. It reduces disk thrashing by leaving the main drive for application use and using the 2ND Partition solely for virtual memory operations. Creating a 3Rd Partition for a 2ND Page file is also possible. Keep the task manager handy to monitor and note changes in performance.
  • Windows has this problem of not being able to free up memory it uses to give back to the system. The result is the high memory usage that causes the computer to either freeze or display the “out of memory” message. To alleviate the issue there is an application called Cleanmem that cleans/frees up memory, making it available for other applications to use. And what makes it stand out from the rest is the way it frees up memory by not using physical RAM space during the memory recovery process, causing no lag at all.
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Memory low error , how to solve it?


Hi Tryon,

You must have so many running programs install in your computer.

Windows XP is has a minimum requirement of 64 Mb for the ram and 128 Mb recommended.

install a CCleaner to remove unused and old entries in to your registry

You said that your PC has a 256 Mb memory, it has pass for the hardware requirement but, if you install so many program like antivirus, YM, Skype, etc, remember that all program consume memory.

Try to uninstall some of the program that you don’t need or you don’t use anymore, and also install a CCleaner to remove unused and old entries in to your registry. If you don’t have a CCleaner install in your PC you can download it

Hope this can help,



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Memory low error , how to solve it?


Hi Tyron,

First know how much RAM your computer has. Just go to Control Panel & the System and Maintenance section. And under that look for Memory(RAM). If you already knew how much it was and you need to have many applications in your computer, you must upgrade your paging file(virtual memory) size. See it here.

If it doesn’t work, increase the size of your RAM. You can have free upgrades here for your RAM

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