My Screen Goes Dark During And After I Run Online Games.

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Why is it that when I run online games, my monitor instantly become darker (not totally black but dark), and when I exit online game my computer screen remains dark, so that I have to reset the monitor settings again.

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Hello Cheryl,

The problem here could be that the visual display drivers that you are using do not offer the best display support for gaming, and therefore you need to update them or get new drivers that offer best support for gaming and install them. As you know, games need a lot of pixels, and therefore the drivers that you are using should offer this.

To update the drivers, go to my computer and then right click on it, then follow the procedure below:

  • Click on properties.
  • Then look for device manager in the box that will open and then click on it.
  • Look for display adapters, right click and then choose to update the drivers online.
Properties-Device Manager-Display Adapters

You should be connected to the internet to successfully update the drivers.


Lee Hung

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Hello there!

The problem might be in your driver. Do you have the correct driver for your version of windows? Is it updated? If it is an outdated driver, check for an updated version. If it is updated, try rolling it back to its previous version and see if you will still encounter the same problem.

Also, do you have the correct driver for the windows you are using? Other things to consider, check your video card if it is properly seated or if the video card slot to mobo is worn. Try uninstalling the game and reinstall it again. Take note that the game might loose data whenever it hangs.

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How old is your monitor? Is it CRT (like a box in dimension)? The graphics of the game may be too much for your monitor. You could get to the point where your monitor permanently lose brightness. Nowadays LCD monitors are getting popular, they take less space and cause less harmful effect to your eyesight. Consider replacing your old monitor.

Also check whether the video card driver is updated. You can check in by right clicking My computer and clicking Properties. Go to the Hardware tab and click on Device Manager. Double click your video card to get its driver details.

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I have some suggestion and i hope it will guide and answer your question. Regarding your question i have some guide here are the following:

  1. 1st, you must check the system requirements of online games you are playing because most of the latest game required a highest system performance especially in video card, memory card/ram and processor of your desktop.
  2. 2nd, if you already know the system requirement games you can easily check by clicking start and go to run and then type DXDIAG you can see the specification of your computer if this is necessary to the game you are playing.
  3. 3rd, If the system not met the standard of game system requirement i suggest to upgrade your PC/desktop you can ask also help in computer technician for some guides.
  4. 4th, 1 of the main reason why your monitor instantly become darker because of your video card, if you are playing latest online games you must install a video card more than 512 Mb, but unfortunately more than 512 Mb it cost extremely expensive but you can play your game as you want with good graphics also.

I hope my suggestion can help you to answer your question.

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