Blank Screen led lights still on

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I was working late last night with numerous projects to be finished at home when my desktop monitor suddenly turned black. I checked the CPU but a LED was blinking indicating it has power.

I checked the physical connection from the monitor to the power outlet and it seemed to be fine. Is there something wrong with my desktop monitor?

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Blank Screen led lights still on


There are 2 kinds of black screens and you will notice by just a beep. But there is a step at the right direction to solving this issue. On your monitor, there is a message that can be unstated by observing the bios beep code.

I recommend to do some research over internet about Bios beep codes. You have to be attentive to the beep. Single beep means that your CPU is still okay. 
But in other scenario, it’s totally black and totally nothing, that’s where your trial begins. And sometimes the CPU looks to be running same with fans. It’s means your ram have something problem and you have to clean it by an anti static cloth and/ or replace it if you like to solve your issue.
But I highly recommend calling an expert to solve this problem if you don’t know anything on how to troubleshoot. It might have a big problem once you put it on your own hands.

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