PC to LCD television connection problem

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I tried to connect my PC with TV by HDMI connection and I have problems with the full screen resolution.

Where to find info about connecting PC to TV?

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PC to LCD television connection problem


Hello Martin Espino,

Well, they surely is a problem especially when you do not know where to look, or should I say where to adjust in the options. Anyway, there should be an options in either of the two. There could be an option in your TV, or in your personal computer. First, check out the options in your personal computer. Try accessing your Display properties through this:

1. Right-click on the desktop.

2. Click Personalize

3. Choose Display Settings

There should be a number of options there that you could tweak to enter full screen in your TV.

If you are connecting the HDMI cable to a HDMI output of a video card, then go to your video card's properties it should be there like for example Radeon's Catalyst Control Center, or Nvidia's Control Panel. There should be a scaling option when your computer is connected to a HDTV.

In Radeon:

Open Catalyst Control Center.

Choose Desktop and Displays.

Right-click on HDTV, then choose configure.

Adjust the scaling options.


Just go to NVIDIA Control Panel, and choose the tv.

Adjust the screen size as well as the screen position of your display.

Either of the two, try to set overscan to 0% it should probably set to full screen.

Tweak also your monitor's options, it should make a difference.

Hope this works.

Tron Len

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