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Category: Windows XP
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Author: Mickey Nixon
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From the last two years I use this computer with no problem . But it recently it behaves abnormal. It automatically turns off every after 10 minutes. What can I do now?

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The problem you have raised may be due to several reasons. One of the reasons is your PC is virus affected. That’s why it may shut down.

Another reason may be due to you have a system problem. The usual cause behind the shutdown may be overheating triggers the auto shutdown to protect the CPU or it may be the memory module going bad.

You should also check the power supply. It may have gone too old to bear the windows. In addition to that, you need to clean the CPU hardware and the power supply.

Hope this helps.


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Maybe your computer has a virus. You should try to reformat it so it will never shutdown automatically or try to see if you have an auto shutdown application on your Personal computer. If you have an auto shutdown application try to turn it off so it will never shutdown automatically. If you don't have any shutdown application try to see if your wires or plugs of your computer is still ok and try to check the power supply maybe it has a problem.

Thank you.