How to add restriction on my applications

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Hi there,

My sister and I are sharing on one desktop. It is running on Windows XP. We share the same desktop, but we do have our separate profiles.

My question is, if I installed an application, will it be possible that she will also be able to use the same application? Sorry, but I really wanted to have the application restricted.


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How to add restriction on my applications


Security of your computer is very important as well as privacy. If you want your application be not accessed by anyone, please follow the steps below:

1. Turn on your computer.
2. Click on the Start button.
3. Go to Control Panel.
4. Go to Administrative Tool.
5. Select on Computer Management.
6. On the left side of the window, please click on System Tools.
7. Expand the Local Users and Groups. Please select the Group.
8. Using your mouse, please right click on the any users that you want to remove access and select delete.
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How to add restriction on my applications


Hi Good day,

So you want your application to be restricted, I hope this solution will help you.

First, Go to your computer "Start Menu" by clicking it at the left corner of the screen then select the Control Panel Option.

Secondly, Click on the "User Account".

Third, Select "Create a new Account" in the window operating system.

Fourth, Type a name for the new account on the blank text box. For example, you want this account named "visitors" or whoever name you use for the username to access this account for restricted access. Always put in mind that the name you've given in this account will always display on the welcome screen every time you open/start your desktop.

Fifth, Click the "next" tab icon then choose the limited option it is under the "Pick an account type" section then click the "create account tab" to finish creating that account. A limited account will give the person logging into the so called desktop restriction such as cannot able to download programs or viewing a document and files that has been stored in the computer's administrator's account.

Sixth, Set a password for the restricted user account that you've created and to perform this task go to "Start Menu" and select the "Program Files", choose the "User Account" or the "User Account and Family Safety".

Seventh, Click the new user account you created then select the "Create Password"option. Type the password that you want for your account then click the "Create Password" tab. The user who will used your restricted account you created must type the password you assigned in order to used the desktop.

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