Need System Disk on Disk Boot Failure Error

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What to do if you seen a "disk boot failure" on your computer?

I'm going to use my computer and open it. After I open it and start to show the operating system. Suddenly there's a problem showed up and said "Disk boot failure please insert the system disk and press enter." 
As I see it I immediately restart my computer and I see it again. So I just turn off my computer after 2 attempts of trying it. What seem to be the problem of my computer? What I'm going to do to this kind of problem? How will I fix this? Is there anyone knows and familiar with this kind of error?
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Need System Disk on Disk Boot Failure Error


“Disk Boot Failure” error message arises when you are trying to boot your computer with a disk that is not a bootable or doesn’t have installed with an operating system.

The worse scenario in this case is when your hard disk drive is broken. You need to purchase a new one and reformat your hard disk drive and install a new operating system.

By the way it just one of the reasons why Disk Boot Failure arise. Let me list down all the reasons and fixes of this problem.

Let’s start with mostly happened to computer users.

  1. You have left a diskette in your floppy disk drive. Basically floppy disk drive is the default first boot device to the most of computers. When you inserted a floppy disk which is not yet formatted and doesn’t have a copy of the operating system and the disk is not bootable, you will encounter “Disk Boot Failure” error message.
  2. You have left a CD or DVD in your optical drive. The same with the floppy drive. CD ROM or DVD ROM also able to read operating systems and able to boot on a bootable CD or DVD. Oftentimes we left our installer in our optical drive specially the last CD we have inserted on it. We all forgot to turn our hard disk drive as the primary boot device in the BIOS setup. We just left as is since our last installation. If we replace the CD on the optical drive with a disk that is not capable to boot the machine, what ever happens until we do not remove the disk on the optical drive, we will encountered the same Error.
  3. You live your hard disk drive detached from the Motherboard. This one is funny but mostly happened especially the computer technician.
  4. Hard disk drive is corrupted or no longer working. We don’t have any solution for this but to purchase a new one.
  5. You haven’t installed your operating system in your computer. Installation is not a hard job. But sometimes because of our excitement we forgot to do the most important. Be sure that your operating system has been already installed before boot up.
  6. Hard disk drives are disabled in BIOS setup. Your job here is to open the BIOS set-up and detect the hard drives that was installed to your computer then save the BIOS.

How to fix them?

  • Check you’re floppy if there is an inserted Floppy Disk. If you’re found one, just pull out the disk and report your computer. Dos this also as what you do to check the floppy disk.
  • Check the cables connecting from your Motherboard to your hard disk drive.
  • Check the power supply if it is working or it has the right voltage output.
  • Check your hard disk from error like bad sector, bad cluster, corrupted files etc. If error found try to recover your hard disk and operating system by the Built-In recovery features of Microsoft Windows Operating System.
  • Reformat/reinstall your operating system.
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Need System Disk on Disk Boot Failure Error

  • Please make sure that there is no CD or floppy disk inserted in the computer. If you have inserted CD into the drive sometimes the problem can be caused by this.
  • You can check the bios setting and make sure that your hard drive is listed in the bios settings and is listed in the boot devices in the bios setting. You can access the bios setting of your computer by restarting your computer. First restart your computer then while the computer boots you will see the key to be pressed to access the bios, this will be the escape key or F2 key. When you press this key you will be taken to the bios settings. Use the arrow keys to move the options and select the advanced boot options menu and press enter. There you can see the boot devices on the computer, make sure that the boot device selected is the hard drive of the computer, if it is not the selected option change the option for boot device to the hard drive of the computer. After that press enter and check whether the computer is booting from the hard disk. You can check that the hard drive is recognized in the bios setting.
  • Another option is to use a windows start up disk. You can create a windows start up disk by copying the files Boot.ini, NTLDR and from the root directory. You can copy these files from good working computer with XP operating system. You can then insert this start up disk into the computer that has the booting problem and restart the computer.
  • If still your computer is not booting you can try to use the last known good configuration on your computer. For accessing the last known good configuration on your computer you can restart your computer and then press F8. Then you will see the windows advanced options on your computer. From that you can select the last known good configuration and then press the enter key. So now the system will try to boot from the last known good configuration. You can use this option for only one time. If the booting fails after selecting this option this cannot be used again.
  • Another option for you is to use the system restore option. This can be used only if you have given a back-up option for your computer. For restoring the system you can restart your computer and then you can press the F8 key. Then you can select the advanced options and from that select the safe mode, then you can press the enter key. After booting your system in safe mode you can click the start button and then you can select the all programs and then accessories. From that you can select system tools menu and then you can select the system restore. This option will restore your computer in an earlier state when the system was working properly. You can select the restore point from the available list and can restore the system.
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Need System Disk on Disk Boot Failure Error


Hello Dear,

Thanks for sharing your problem with us.

Dear the problem you told above has many reasons to take place.

You have to check here some components of your computer.

First make sure that all connectors attached to you're booting device (Hard Disk) are fixed well and not loose.

Some times usually power connector creates such problem when it became loose.

Then you have to check IDE or SATA cable which one is connecting your hard drive to the Motherboard.

And if these things are alright then repair your windows.

I hope it will help you a lot.


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Need System Disk on Disk Boot Failure Error


The error Disk Boot Failure comes from various reasons. If you ever encounter this kind of error, read on below:

1. Check if the SMART drive reporting is on. To do this, go to your BIOS settings. If this is enabled, try to disable it and then try to run it for few days on a usual rebooting series to check if the Disk Boot Failure will occur. Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology or SMART is an older way to detect if there is an issue with your hard disk. This feature is not always available on newer computers.

2. Also in BIOS settings, make sure that your computer recognizes the correct drive during startup. Reset your BIOS settings by pressing on the F10 key to restore the defaults. And then Save and Exit.

3. Check if there are any loose cables or failing IDE cables. Either IDE or SATA will give the same error.

4. Check if the hard disk is failing.

5. Have you recently inserted a non bootable disc or any USB on your computer?

6. If you connected a new hardware, try to remove it again and check if this is the cause of the issue. If it is, check on all the connections.

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