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Author: Thomas Maloy
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There is an option in ms word 2007 called add-ins and there is a function which says create PDF but unfortunately I cannot create PDF with it. In fact it never responded to the command.

I do not no whether these command need any specification to work.

Please someone help me get this problem solved and help me create PDF with this.

Thomas Maloy

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There are various addons to convert an MS word document to PDF. The best of the lot is FREE PDFXP. It is easy to use and works with all the versions of MS word. You can append many documents to a single PDF as well. You can convert even your power point presentations to PDF using this simple add on. You can download it freely from

Another advantage of this tool is that you don't need to download any postscripts and it works stand alone. You just need to install it and it will manage all the settings and all other printer settings itself.

I hope you will use this tool and your issue will be solved once in for all.

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Have you ever used this command or function before? Well, you can try and download the add-ins here ( just to make sure that you have a working add-in.

Upon properly installing the add-in, open up your file and save it normally:

1. Click the windows logo on MS Word.

2. Click Save As.

3. Select PDF as the file format.

4. Choose appropriate settings whether it is Standard or Maximize.

If still not working, try to download another software such as PDFCreator or PDF Printer that will allow you to save your file as PDF. This can be done by going to Print option and selecting the software installed for PDF printing.

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Wow Richie Kil, you gave my a great software. 

I downloaded it from your given site: Installed and works perfectly.

I can easily convert my MS word to PDF this software is very easy to use.