How does the Auto Summarize option work in Word?

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I understand that the auto summarize option in Word can identify the key points in the document and create a jist out of it. How does Word find out which sentences are important? On what basis are these selected? How do I add the auto Summary option in my tool bar? How can I cancel an auto summary in progress?


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How does the Auto Summarize option work in Word?


With the help of AutoSummarize option, we can determine key points by analyzing and checking the complete document. Words /sentences which are used frequently in the whole document are to be given a highest score. Then you have to choose percentage of the highest scoring sentences to be displayed in the summary.
Select whether to you want to highlight key points in the whole document or to insert executive summary or to insert abstract at the top of the document. You can switch between displaying only key points in a document and highlighting them.

How to add AutoSummary Tools to the Quick Access Toolbar.

1. Click on the Microsoft Office Button.

2. Click on Word Options.

3. Click on Customize.

4. In the given list, Under Choose commands from, click on All Commands.

5. Scroll through the list of commands to search AutoSummary Tools.

6. Once you find AutoSummary option, Click AutoSummary Tools.

7. Then click on Add.

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