Mobile phone dropped in water

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Hello experts,

Accidentally, I dropped my mobile phone in the water and of course, it no longer work. I want to know what to do to make it work again. Will it dry itself naturally or do I need to blow it with a heater? I do not want to add any more damage to my mobile phone so I need assistance. Any suggestions are really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Mobile phone dropped in water



Don't worry, your phone will be safe. Here I am to provide you with solutions to solve your problem.

1. When your phone is dropped into water, immediately pick it up.

2. Don't worry to much, if you pick it up immediately, your phone will not get any major damage.

3. Please open your phone cover case and quickly grab tissue or something that can absorb water.

4. Then, put out your sim card.

5. Put out other things like SD card or earphone plug.

6. Next, cover your phone with that tissue.

7. Perhaps, you could use vacuum cleaner to absorb water eficiently.

8. Beware, you can't use hair dryer since it releases hot air.

9. Make sure to use any additional substance that can draws out moisture.

10. Put the phone on towel.

11. Check your phone, turn it on.


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