Devices used for data input

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what devices are used for input data or information into computer or other processing devices like iPhone,iPad ,photocopy machine

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Devices used for data input


Hi there ,

It seems you need help regarding the input devices that connects to the computer. 

But your problem is not clear you have also mentioned about some gadgets like iPad , iPhone and weirdly photocopy machines.

The different Input devices for Computer are :- 

1. Keyboard 


3. Smart pen


5. Bar code reader.

6. Camera or Webcam.

I don't think we can connect iPad or iPhone to any input devices and use them . All apple devices are not so software friendly and has wide applications like what android have.

Maybe there are applications for compatibility but don't have much hope on that . 

If you are using an android tablet then your chances are very high. With some simple measures you can easily connect it with other devices.

GooD luck.

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Devices used for data input


There are really different devices that can be used in entering information or data on to a computer. And as technology progresses, different means of data input are invented that were not available in the early days. One example is the keyboard.

During the early days when computers are still being introduced to people, the keyboard is the primary means of entering information into the machine. But as time goes by, this medium was enhanced.

Before keyboards are still connected to the computer with a cable. But now it is already available in different versions like you can have it as the usual type, with cable I mean, or you can use the Bluetooth ones which is wireless and is connected to the computer using Bluetooth technology.

Before it only comes in serial types but now it has become obsolete and was replaced by 2 types: the PS2-type, and the USB-type.

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Devices used for data input


Thanks guys for your clear comments. After going through this comment I have come to understand that the different devices can be utilized in entering information or data on to a computer. Previously , I did not have any knowledge about use of input devices which connect to the computer. By observing your comments I have obtained knowledge about which devices are compatible or not with the iPad, iPhone and computer etc. You gave me a lot of ideas and knowledge on how to manage the different devices to make it compatible to each other. Thanks guys for giving me such a vital piece of information selflessly.

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