Make my DVD-dual player work properly

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Can you please give me some tips to make my DVD-dual player work properly? I really had no problem of it before. This is the first time I encountered this, I mean I have used Videostudio  for ample of years already yet this time it failed.

I even needed to use Corel website just to check if they are compatible using the Corel Website. The discs looks perfectly fine while in the process of burning. But as I play the discs it will just play for only half a minute. How can I make it work?

As I remember I already experienced burning a dual-layer disc. I think the only thing that seems never working is Videostudio.

Can you please help me with these?

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Make my DVD-dual player work properly



Your Videostudio might have some encountered problem when rendering your desired video formats. Burning video into dual-layer disc occasionally failed because of disc quality. I suggest you use high quality disc while burning. If you are using your disc writer for years, buy disc cleaner then clean it.  If you still encountered the same problem, try to burn ordinary files to a blank disc. If it works fine, re-install your videostudio software. If you have the same problem, then it’s your dual-layer disc have problems.

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