Linux distro for pentium 4

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Hi I was wondering what the best Linux Distro optimized for Pentium 4?, my hardware use Ram:512, Vga:128, and pentium 4 2.8Ghz,

The linux  I want :

  1. Free
  2. Have software for office (like microsoft office)
  3. would want something based on debian
  4. generally easy to install
  5. Nice interface
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Linux distro for pentium 4


May I suggest LinuxMint (

Based on your criteria it is:

  1. Free.
  2. Has "Libre Office" which is compatible with all Microsoft Office files.
  3. It is based on Ubuntu Linux (one of the most popular Linux distros) which is based on Debian.
  4. It is generally easy to install which makes it one of the most popular Linux distros.  Once installed, you can readily do the tuff you use a PC for such as Internet browsing, P2P downloads, movie playback, music playback, office work such as spreadsheets, text documents, etc.
  5. It has a great, elegant-looking interface.

Like all other Linux distros, it can run on modest systems such as the specifications of your PC.

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Linux distro for pentium 4


Ubuntu is my favorite operating system it's a free Debian based system with a sweet of office programs pre installed and many more easily obtainable from the Ubuntu Software Center also pre installed on it.  It also has many interface options enabling you to make it more like old windows, new windows or mac.  To make an even more eye popping interface I would recommend installing Compiz Fusion from the Ubuntu software center and NetPix from

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Linux distro for pentium 4


Hello Rach,

I am not so sure what you exactly want but what I can tell you is that  a P4 2.0Ghz will be perfectly adequate machine for most 32 bit distros.

But the unfortunate thing is that many of the non-ubuntu Debian desktop distros are either poorly maintained or buggy. You need to get a machine that can  run well with a software like Xubuntu and it could also fly with Fluxbuntu. Personally, my choice would be a minimal Ubuntu install with E17. The  OzOs desktop package will be so great. After that you can go ahead and add the particular apps that you want from the Ubuntu/Oz repos.




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