Ouya android powered game console

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Android based games console is going to be released into the market and is available for pre order. I wanted to know how different is this gaming console from Playstation and xbox 360.

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Ouya android powered game console



It is true that Ouya, the android powered gaming console is being released in the market. The release date is set for April 2013.

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The differences between Ouya and xBox 360 and playstation are listed below:

1. The specs of Ouya are way better than xBox 360 and playstation.

2. Ouya has a RAM of 1GB whereas xBox 360 and playstation 3 have RAM of 512MB and 256MB respectively.

3. It has 8GB of internal flash storage.

4. Ouya is priced at $99 which is much cheaper than xBox 360 and PS 3. So it is likely that many users would prefer Ouya.

5. Ouya has a compact system when compared the rectangular boxes of the xbox 360 and PS3.

You can pre order Ouya here — https://www.ouya.tv/

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