Is there linux distro for 60mb ram?

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Hello guys!

I have a really ancient laptop that has windows 95 and 60 Mb ram memory. How can I install Linux in that? Is there any Linux distro that runs in 60 Mb ram? I tried puppy but they couldn't even start. I got a message: kernel panic, cannot synchronize or something. I can't increase the ram memory because it is really old.

Any ideas?

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Is there linux distro for 60mb ram?


Dear Stephanie Mallory!

I am going to recommend either sliTaz or Vector Light.


My personal sliTz and evilwm system uses just 28 MB of ram, but average LXDE desktop will probably need about 50 MB.


Vector Light:

vector is fully compatible with any Slackware packages you might find. Using about 60 MB of Ram in my tests, the standard LXDE desktop balances quick setup and light resource usage elegantly.

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Is there linux distro for 60mb ram?

qa-featured damn small linux

Damn Small Linux

It is a small Linux variant with a size of less than 50 MB. Begins from a RAM size low as 16 MB and runs at its full capacity on a 128 MB RAM with fast speed. It also can be boot from a live CD, USB drive and from inside Windows.


SliTaz comes With a total download size of less than 30 MB, it has the basic functionalities of not only desktop but a server as well. The lightweight has different varieties that can just run on a computer with a memory as little as 16 MB


A Debian based Linux OS which requires RAM as low as 60 MB and runs flawlessly with a RAM of 128 MB. Has a decent application package with perfect looks that give it an advantage over others.It can also be run in live environment from a CD drive or a USB like others

Try the above,they will work perfectly on your machine as they meet your system specification.

Thanks and hope you enjoy,


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