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Why is it that toshiba laptop with an AMD single core 2.20GHz processor and with a 2GB, 256MB dedicated ATI graphic card is not able to display demanding pics like 3D pics but, another toshiba laptop with a core i3 processor with a 2GB,64MB dedicated intel HD graphic card is able to display better than the other one with laptop.

Is it the processor that make it do better or what?

To add to it all they all have 4GB RAM. what accounts for that?

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Processor and RAM also accounts for how fast and able your computer will be able to handle your pictures. They all work together in the machine to complete your task. It’s make of the card who justifies the response of your system. It’s not always the amount of RAM per part that always count. It the build of RAM. VRAM or video ram has many types from SDR to XDR. Same as Memory Modules from SDR to DDR3. Regarding your processor. An Intel i3 is definitely faster than an older single core AMD. The operating system may also have an effect on your tasks. Newer software might not run as fast on older system as compared to older ones.

Hope this gets your problem answered.

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Intel’s i-series processors have their best integrated graphics card. The ATI graphics card on the other computer, though it is a discrete card, may be an obsolete card and therefore is outmatched by the integrated Intel graphics cards. The quality of your displayed images and the smoothness of the transitions would depend on the GPU that you are using. The better it is, the better the displayed images. While this is true, some computers and operating systems don’t yet support this capability, so the load is instead handled by the CPU. While the CPU can handle it, the GPU is still best at handling graphics.