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How to solve this issue ?

Every time I open my laptop, it always says that drivers installation  failed?

How can I detect which driver it is ?

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Maybe after installing Windows 7 you did not check in the Device Manager if all of the devices are already installed. If there were still devices left not installed every time you start the computer it will always be detected by the system and you will always see that message about a hardware that needs to be installed or a message that says that there is a failed driver installation.

I’m using Windows XP so just try adapting this procedure on your Windows 7.

  1. Go to your Device Manager by right-clicking My Computer then select Properties.
  2. Click Hardware tab then Device Manager.

The Device Manager window will appear next. All of the hardware devices that are installed on your computer are listed there. Try checking if there is a device that has a yellow question mark beside it.

A yellow question mark on the device means that it is still not installed. If there is a device with a yellow question mark, that is the device that you need to install. That’s what’s giving the error every time you open your machine.

Just install its driver from the laptop’s installer disc.

I’m sure your laptop comes with a disc that contains its installers.

Sharath Reddy