How can I create Windows memory test DVD img?

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Hi people!

I have been having issues with my Windows 7 computer for some time now. I realized that when I bought it, it was very fast, but now everything is terribly slow. As a result, I wanted to run Windows Diagnostics on memory to establish whether there are any errors that are making my computer slow. After carrying out the test, I would like to create Windows memory test DVD img of the results. How can I go about the test and creation of the image after I get the results? Thanks.

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How can I create Windows memory test DVD img?


Hi Heather,

If you have carried out the Windows Memory Diagnostic test then you most probably know how to perform the test. 

In any case a simple way to perform this memory Diagnostic test is :

1. Click Start button and type in the search bar "mdsched" and press enter.

2. Choose the option to "restart your computer now and run the memory diagnostic test" 

After the Diagnostic test is finished a report will be generated in EventViewer. 

You can find EventViewer under Control Panel>Administrative Tools>EventViewer.

The picture below shows an example of a report that can be seen in Eventviewer.

You can then save this report by using a command copy to any external media you may want. 

Hope this helps,



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