I keep getting this Dropbox error message. Can anyone help?

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This is mostly a Windows 7 autoplay problem than a Dropbox error message but I got it as related to Dropbox.

There is an ongoing test with dropbox currently and if you join for it you will get a chance to have 4.5GB space more. I tried this by using some devices and worked only for some of them, not for all. It worked successfully on my point and shoot cameras but it didn't work with my Canon Digital Rebel and Nokia 5800 XM which was connected via Bluetooth.

I tried using USB / flash drive technique but got this error as I plugged the device and tried to sync the pictures via Dropbox.

This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.



I did several things to solve this error but I was unable to fix it. I tried different settings in Default Programs control panel as error message mentioned. I formatted the drive and changed the drive letter. Then I made a DCIM folder, but all in vain.

With the frustration, I took some pictures by Point and Shoot cameras and plugged then to my computer but It did not work anymore for my surprise. Therefore I think this may be a problem with Dropbox.

Finally I restarted my PC and it made a trick. I remember that I updated Dropbox to version 1.3.13. I started to upload photos by using version 1.3.12 and it said that you need to upgrade computer for version 1.3.13.

It didn't want to restart when you upgrade from version 1.2 to 1.3.12 and so I thought it's not needed.

Another thing is this may be a bug. I've recorded it from Camtasia.


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I keep getting this Dropbox error message. Can anyone help?


This means that either the usb drive that you are trying to access is corrupted or damaged. From the error, I can sense that there is nothing wrong with the dropbox. In both cases, use the follow steps to clear out the problem.

  1. First make sure that the usb drive is well scanned and the autoplay on your computer is on.
  2. After that make sure that the usb drive format is FAT32 instead of the NTFS.
  3. Make sure that you have installed the desktop client of dropbox that is always necessary for this type of actions.
  4. Also see if you have an empty usb from which you are trying to access the data.
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I keep getting this Dropbox error message. Can anyone help?



You tried to upload picture or other files from your removal disk to drop box. But you got an error message at that time when you tried to import pictures and videos form that removable disk.

There have no reason to become worry regarding that issue. You can resolve that problem by follow a simple tips.

At first connect your removable disk in the USB port of your computer and then select the pictures and videos form that. Now copy all selected items and then paste it in your computer hard drive.

Now try to import all files from your computer hard drive to your drop box account.


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