‘Lilith.app’ is damaged and cannot be opened

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Hi there,

I have updated my MAC OS to Lion version and I have this error with Lilith.app. I don’t know what is happening after this update, but there are a lot of errors. Can anyone tell me if I should install my previous version ? This errors can be solved ?

Thank you !

‘Lilith.app’ is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

Firefox.app download this file today at 00:08.

Cancel Move to Trash

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‘Lilith.app’ is damaged and cannot be opened


I’m not wondering why you are getting this error and I think it’s pretty obvious. Because the app you downloaded and installed didn’t came from the Apple app store and that’s Mac users’ big disadvantage when installing applications from other sources, Mac OS X doesn’t allow it. Apple wants all of the programs you install to be coming and bought from their Apple app store.

But that error message is only misleading you from further using the program. There’s a solution to making it work on Mac OS X. In your Mac OS X computer, open System Preferences, select Security & Privacy, and then in “Allow applications downloaded from” section, select Anywhere. Click Allow From Anywhere to verify. See image.

After that run Lilith.app once and respond Open to the question. Go back and open System Preferences again and select Security & Privacy. In “Allow applications downloaded from” section, change it to “Mac App Store and identified developers”. This now fixes your problem and you can now be able to open Lilith on your Mac OS X. See image.

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