All about renaming USB ports.

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Hi to everyone,

All about renaming usb ports. I wanted to rename all the usb ports of my laptop and other computer desktop in the office, so that I can identify every time I will add some ports of the computer for the magicjack device. I need to make this done immediately, I am handling 30 computer.


 Your suggestion is very much welcome.

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All about renaming USB ports.


Hello Curtis Marry,

– To rename USB ports, plug in a USB into a port and then open Windows Explorer ( Windows Key + E).
– Right click on the removable disk and then click on Rename.
– You have a limit of 11 letters, rename it to something you can memorize.
– Do this procedure for all the ports.

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All about renaming USB ports.


Hi Marry,

     Here is a simple step you can follow:

  1. Go to Start and then click Run Or press windows button and then hold R.
  2. Type in diskmgmt.msc and then press Enter.
  3. You may get a UAC prompt just click on Continue.
  4. Right click on the Rectangular icon next to Removable disk and then choose Change Drive Letter or Path. And then click Change, you can now then assign drive letter for your removable media.
  5. Click OK and then check.

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