“CaseWare ERROR Error # 630 “

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Hi to all the nice people at Techyv!

I'm using a USB Broadband in most of my surfing hours.

I used to have a DSL Connection but not possible now because of travel and projects.

I think this is a major reason, if not exactly the reason, for this error in Caseware.

Am I correct? How can I fix this and continue using the broadband?

Thanks people!


CaseWare ERROR

Error #:     -630

 Optimization File Flushing Failure


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“CaseWare ERROR Error # 630 “


This pop up error occurred because of some error to your network. So you’re right about that.

Some cause of the error is network traffic loss of network connection.  

Or some other internal network error.  

The solution for this is here. Just follow the simple steps.

1. Disable your antivirus installed in your system.

2. Reboot your system and open Case ware

3. Open your windows explorer .

4. Go to the directory where your case ware installed or go to this folder C:Program FilesCaseWare

5. Find CV.VERand open it using notepad

6. Then after opening type this one at the bottom of the file caching=0

7. Then save it. Reboot your system

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