Software use for Face Recognition

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A friend of mine is currently working on a project about face recognition; can anyone here with a similar project background give us some helpful online resources that we can use for this project?The purpose of this face recognition software is for a psychology-base study on human's facial expressions and thoughts that inter-relates with the expressions (face and thinking relationship). So, we need to capture the subjects' faces and have it grouped according to an existing subject group. It's like we would need to make a set of virtual images that we can compare against taken photos of our subjects. The "thinking" or emotional part of the study would be done in a different way. What we only need is a software that can make virtual images that can match other people's faces base from the alignment of eyes, mouth, etc. I hope I was able to explain it clearly. I would be waiting for your recommendations on how we can go about this study.

Thank you very much.

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Software use for Face Recognition


I will suggest this software Face Recognition 3.0.1 is a kind of desktop access control software basing on the advanced technology of facial recognition. It provides an easy access to Windows logon. You shall no longer be bothered by thinking of a complicated password and memorizing it. When you log onto the system, Face Recognition will recognize you and provide the access as long as you face the camera directly. Besides, Face Recognition can provide several other modules, including Live Detection, Leave Detection, Face Sense, SSO for websites, etc.

And if you have budget for this project you can always purchased something like KeyLemon software.

KeyLemon is a software company which offers simple, fast and convenient computer access solutions, based on face and speech recognition, for all Internet users with a webcam.
KeyLemon offers a computer access solution based on personal biometric identification.

The biometric identification technology behind KeyLemon's products are the results of 10 years of research.

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