I have a problem with cmd.exe

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Every time I run a program or a game there is a program launching as well that eats up my processor power( it keeps it up to 100%). If I switch to the task manager and close everything is fine but next I launch something that program runs again.

I have reinstalled my windows XP SP 2 with a full format and that process still appears every time.

Help me please.

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I have a problem with cmd.exe


Hello GheoTeo,

When my Windows XP reaches 100% Central Processing Unit(CPU) usage, I start having problem with my computer speed. It eats up my processor and it’s a slow process response. It’s getting worse and worse every time I launch one application.

This is caused by Virus and Trojan. The application has Malware infections that every time you launch this application, it will show CUP 100% usage. It’s a slow crawl and mouse pointer logs delayed response.

You have to identify what application using large memory usage.

Go to Windows Task Manager, CTRL+ALT+DEL then Click on Processes Tab

Identify which has large number of memory usage. Disabled the application but make sure you are sure what this program is, do some research about the application. And lastly, this is cause by Virus and Trojan horse. Clean up your hard drive by doing a reformat but an also, an updated Antivirus software might help.

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I have a problem with cmd.exe



You have a problem with your file CMD.EXE, this file is infected with a virus. You have to scan it with an updated antivirus software. I suggest you use Avast Antivirus. It will give you 100% protection. You can download this software.

I hope this software will protect your computer.


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