How can I Install Win XP in Pentium 3?

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I have a Pentium 3 computer. A few days ago my PC crashed. Now I want to reinstall on my PC. But problem is when I start the PC, it appears blank in desktop. Desktop and CPU are all ok and all connections are ok. For some days AGP card and motherboard was also ok only BIOS battery was down.

If the computer is turned of for 1-2hrs , when I restart it a BIOS setup error is shown. I can’t set BIOS because I can't see anything when I restart computer.
Now what can I do?
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How can I Install Win XP in Pentium 3?

  • Purchase the new battery cell for Motherboard from wrist watch shop.
  • Now open the CPU cover and remove the current battery cell and insert the new battery cell.
  • Now switch on the computer and go to BIOS setup by pressing DEL or F1 or F2 for F12.
  • Now set the date and time.
  • Now go to advance set up or boot order and set the boot sequence .
  • Should be 1st Boot from CD-ROM.
  • Should be 2nd Boot from HDD.
  • Restart the Computer and Insert the Windows XP CD.
  • Now ready for installing the windows XP on your computer.
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How can I Install Win XP in Pentium 3?

Hello Srkshaju,
If you are facing the BIOS error then there might be a problem with your BIOS chip in the hardware. Try to replace that. to replace the BIOS chip open the PC and look for the small round shape silver color cell in the Motherboard usually near to the processor. Remove it safely and replace it with a new one so it can not get heated soon and you can use your system for a long time. After that check that you’re Anti-virus is registered or not, If not then downloads the registered one, after registration. Update it to latest version.
So it can work accurately. Also make sure that is your computer is compatible for the requirements of anti virus.  Download the new and latest version from a good source and make sure that your system supports the latest version. Other thing is that there might be some file corrupt or some virus is there which is resisting the running of your program so try to scan your computer and repair the windows and other files. Do this in normal mode or the best thing is to do it from safe mode.
Have a nice day.
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How can I Install Win XP in Pentium 3?


It could be a problem with the CMOS battery. Open your CPU case and then look for something similar to the image below:

Remove it by using your fingers and grab the edge of the battery to pull it up. Replace it with a new one and then turn on your computer. Go to your BIOS settings and then reset the default values and save your settings.

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