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Category: Windows XP
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Author: Chase Dean
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At the boot up my computer displays a message "ie3sh.exe. Unable to locate component BHO-DLL". This appears well before loading the OS

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Hey Chase!

If you are facing this error then there must be some problem in your windows registry. Sometimes the registry of our windows get corrupted or damaged or broken and not able to work fine that is why this error prompts on our windows screen.

So to overcome this error you just have to download and install any registry cleaner software. I will recommend you to use Tune-up Utilities that will really help your system to avoid such errors.

Download and install it from the internet and run the software, It will automatically fix all the broken or damaged registry. Restart your system and you will not face any error again.

Note: Run this software once in a week to avoid such types of error and to increase your windows performance.