How to resolve power failure problem?

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Hi all,

I have gotten a problem with my desktop pc. The problem is – I am having a power failure in my pc motherboard. I have been using my current Gigabyte motherboard for the last 3 years. Form several weeks, my pc facing a power failure problem.

I don’t know that how to explain this sort of problem. My PC starts normally without any problem. It’s runs well approximately for one hour. But suddenly my pc turns off automatically.

At the same time CPU fan, Power supply Fan both stops running. I mean to say that, it becomes totally off and it doesn’t run when I press the power button again and again. Moreover, it doesn’t starts for a long time (approximately for 2/3 hours).

To solve this problem I have taken several steps. First of all I replaced my Power supply box of CPU with a new one. But It was happening again and again. Then I changed the ID cables of Hard disk and CD Rom.

But no luck.

After that, I change my Hard disk. But the problem is not there. I am wandering to find out the root of this problem. Can anybody tell me where the problem is and why it is happening?

I also want to know that, how to remove this problem from my PC.

Any help will greatly appreciate.

Thank you very much friends.

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How to resolve power failure problem?


Hello Rodriguez,

There are several aspects to consider with regards to your problem.

One possible cause of your problem is output voltage where you plug your computer must have lots of spikes. When I say lots of spikes, it means that the voltage level of your 220 volts or 110 volt outlets may not be stable. A sudden surge of electrical spike may cause your PC's power supply to give off voltage greater than what is necessarily needed by your motherboard. This causes the motherboard to be overloaded so to speak and may have burned some delicate ICs in your motherboard.

The solution for this is to buy an AVR or Automatic Voltage Regulator. Connect your AVR to your 220V/110V outlet. Then connect your PC to the AVR to attain a constant signal.

The second possible cause for this is your motherboard reached it's lifespan limit. You may buy a new motherboard for that matter.

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How to resolve power failure problem?



You forgot to check your processor temperature; you said that your PC is almost 3 years. Now,

It might have the possibility that the thermal compound or grease is already dried up,

But before doing any test in your processor, boot up again your PC and let it run until it shutdown just like you indicates the problem, and then open your CPU case and touch the heat sink (also the exhaust fan of the processor).

If you felt that the heat is not normal, then that is the root of the problem.

Just follow the video tutorials on how to remove the heat sink of the processor and how to apply thermal grease.

Hope this solve your problem.

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How to resolve power failure problem?


You need to check all the components once again and look for the component which is causing problem but the major thing here is to look for your BIOS and make them up to date. BIOS are the components that control all the functions of different devices from your computer such as fan speed and processor voltages so you need to update your BIOS to solve your problem.

Or you can also change you BIOS and replace them with a new one.

Also remove all the components of your computer one by one and then reinstall them to check that are working properly. Once you found that any component is not working then you can also change that component and it will solve your problem.

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How to resolve power failure problem?


There are many reasons behind this causes. The problem here is either with the hard drive’s power supply cable or its ribbon cable, only either of the two and nothing else. To check it, shutdown your computer then remove the CPU case. Check the cables attached to your hard drive. For more information visit this Techyv post too,

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