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Hello there!

Can you please help me with my problem...

Following all the instructions on how to transfer contacts from a blackberry to an iphone wasn’t enough, at the end it requested for a password switch account “exchange”. Entering my Gmail password doesn’t solve the problem.

Do I need another password?

Where can I find it?

Thank you...

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Hello Barton,

I have some solution or suggestion and I am hoping it will help and solve your problem. As I read your question regarding transferring of contacts from Blackberry to an iPhone and you follow instructions but not enough but I have some suggestion here. I know that there is no cable for BlackBerry to connect and to transfer contact but you can use BLACKBERRY GOOGLE SYNC download it and go to but as you mention you have already Gmail account you can use it by sync Blackberry contacts into Google account after that you can export Google account as .csv file in you PC then after that you can import it to your iPhone as .csv file with iPhone transfer contact. You can also check this site

on credited to iPhone contacts backup.

I hope again that it will help you and to solve your problem.