How to post embed object code?

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How to post  embed object code on a website or blog so that it displays on code for the object rather then actual object. So, user of the site or blog can copy and paste the code.

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How to post embed object code?


It really depends on what kind of blog or website your using to post embed object. But typically you can wrap the code with (code)[code]tags such as[ code] a buncha code in here blah blah [code].or you can try adding quotation marks before and after the code.

Accordingly object code is the code which is generated after translation from source code.

We can embed almost anything on our website for examples you can embed mp3 music and other audio, youtube video,flicker photos and slideshows and even google calendars, or very large photographs by using other application on other website.

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How to post embed object code?


If you want to post something on a web page or a piece of information that will be displayed as a piece of code and not as a normal text, you can use the <code> tag. The complete syntax for the tag is:

  • <code>..</code>

The <code> tag is a phrase tag which defines a piece of computer code. This tag is not deprecated in HTML5 and can achieve a much richer effect when CSS is applied. For example:

<code>function foot() {
var footSet = new Array();
footSet[1] = “url”;
footSet[2] = “url”;
footSet[3] = “url”;</code>

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