I have to perform matrix multiplication in c, so how should I do it. Some help will be appreciable to make a program about it.

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Why is my MPI program not compiling? Please I am trying to run a Message Passing Interface (MPI) program with C language. I have installed GNU Compiler Collection compiler and the openmpi libraries. I am running Ubuntu and Netbeans interactive development environment (IDE). My challenge is that after including “mpi.h” in my header file and compiling the application, the complian i get is: “fatal error : cannot find file mpi.c”.

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I'm using Cygwin and Notepad++ on Windows 7 Ultimate to make C programs and I've just started learning C. I have a question about using the EOF operator in loops. For example if I use "  while (x!=EOF) " , what exactly is EOF ? How does the compiler know where does the file/input end? I always have to use Ctrl+Z to end my input or for EOF, how do I make EOF native to the input or file ?

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I am interested in developing mobile apps and games like whatsapp and angry birds. What are the programming languages and IDEs that I should learn to develop such apps. Is there any online tutorial or samples for learning to develop apps? What can be the best way to start app development

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Dear Techyv Guys,

I am in need to know about, how to lock folder in C langauge, If anyone can provide me the coding in C language for locking the folder, that will help me to understand the function of locking Folders. Please Help.

Thanks & Regards,  

Marilou D Studer

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Hello Friends,

I have been searching for Matching Pairs game code C language, for me to understand the working of the coding. Can anyone help me by providing me the same, Any simple C Coding will help me.

Please Help,

Archer Schleifer

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Hello Techyv Experts,

Please get me prototype examples for outside class definitions of bitwise c OR operator,

Also get me the same for other bitwise operators name with example.

Thanks in Advance,


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1. Describe an array?

2. What are the various implementations that can be used for an array?

3. Provide the code that would illustrate how to create,reference, and address an element of an array?

4. Create a flowchart to show how to sort an array using a bubble sort.

5. Provide the pseudo code for flowchart

6. Create the flowchart and give the pseudo code for searching an array for a specified value? 

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How can I convert to/from the c programming language and other languages such as Java, VB, C#, using an instant c converter? Tangible software provides conversion between C++ and some other common programming languages, but what about C? For example some hardware such as chip programming requires programming in C (not C++).

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I am assisting a friend in creating a css table template  for some pages he is creating. The templates consists of tables which will be used to input some data. In the templates created, We both tried to use the HTML DOM read Only property to define fields in the table in order to set limits for editing but these gets stripped out automatically is there anyway to maintain these and not be edited? 

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