How i will remove the bad sector?

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I am using a P4 processor and my hard disk space is 160 GB. I got lots of viruses so I had to format many times. Now I found some bad sectors on my hard disk.

How can I remove my bad sectors or partition it?

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How i will remove the bad sector?


Hello Khirot.

Every hard drive has spare sectors by design. While reading data, the hard drive detects these bad sectors and copies the data from the bad sectors to one of the spare sectors (sector reallocation).

During a data write, if a problem on a certain sector is detected, that failing sector is disabled and one of the spare sectors is enabled as a replacement.

To get the hard drive to detect all and to reallocate bad sectors is to do a Full Zero Fill. To do a full zero fill, download the disk manufacturer's disk repair tools. For example, Seagate has a tutorial on performing a zero fill on Seagate hard disk drives.

After a full zero fill, your hard drive will be as good as new.

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How i will remove the bad sector?


Hi there Khirot2011.

You could try Spinrite ( to recover bad sectors. Another similar software is HDD Regenerator ( Both are commercial software but have gotten plenty of praise for being able to recover bad sectors without destroying the data that's on the disks. 


Both work on the same principle that bad sectors are caused by the disk's surface being incorrectly magnetized. To fix those magnetic anomalies, the application makes the hard drive execute a certain pattern of reads and writes determined to be able to fix the bad sectors.


A freeware alternative to Spinrite and HDD Regenerator is MHDD (


Good luck!

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