“Deciding before u finalize “

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Which peripheral device would you prefer, if you have to keep the data safe and save it for long time ?

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“Deciding before u finalize “


Hi , 

Very nice and interesting question to discuss out here . 

I suggest you never buy SSD (solid state drives ) for long time data storage, They are fast efficient and performance wise they are the best when compared to conceptional spin hard dives but let me tell you the lifetime of SSD is very short, for a medium end user itself it lasts for only 6 years (approximate calculations ok). So better don't risk your memory, 

And in your question here ,Performance is something which you don't need at all. I suggest using conventional hard drives, SATA hard drives. Buy a Seagate or Western Digital only. Western Digital Caviar green is the best option for you, Its cheap (now price has doubled due to that flooding in Thailand) But anyway much cheaper than SSD i guess .

If you want to put it in safe and currently no use then create archives and buy a good External hard drives and then copy it to it and keep it safe . 

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“Deciding before u finalize “


If you want a secure and dependable storage media or hard drive for your personal files, a standard IDE or SATA hard drive will do. IDE stands for “Integrated Drive Electronics”. It is a standard electronic interface used between a computer motherboard’s bus or data paths and the disk storage devices. Prior to the development of IDE drive, controllers were separate external devices.

That’s why when IDE drives were created it reduced problems associated with integrated controllers and storage devices. SATA stands for “Serial Advanced Technology Attachment” or “Serial ATA”. It is a standard for connecting and transferring data from hard drives to computer systems. Just like what its name implies, SATA is based on serial signaling technology unlike IDE that uses parallel signaling.

There is a third type of storage device that can be used on computers called SSD or “Solid-State Drive”. Of the three hard drive types: IDE, SATA, and SSD, SSD is the fastest but also has the shortest lifespan. If you want a hard drive that lasts for a long time, go for IDE or SATA drives. Check with your motherboard to determine which type of hard drive is supported.

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