Laptop Failed in Short DST, any Threat to Data on HDD

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I tested my laptop for Hard Disk test i.e., Short DST, it failed in this test and sometimes my laptop shuts down before giing any warnings. I am curious to know what could be the possible reason for this and as Short DST is failed is there any threat to my Data residing on HDD?

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Laptop Failed in Short DST, any Threat to Data on HDD


Hi Dawn Knopf,

I am sorry to hear that you are having these problems.

When your hard drive FAILS the Short DST test, it means that your hard drive is failing. If you continue to use this hard drive, it may quit working very soon. If this happens, you will lose most, if not all your data.

Here are two solutions you could consider:

Solution One: Return Laptop to Dealer

Your hard drive needs to be replaced. If you haven't had it for more than a year, you may still be covered on Manufacturer warranty. If you are still under warranty it should be replaced free of cost to you providing that you provide your receipts, etc. Check your receipts for the contact number for the dealer.

Solution Two (If you are technologically savvy): Replace Hard drive

This method is only recommended for persons who have advanced knowledge in the disassembly and reassembling of laptop computers. Since you did not provide the specific make and model of your laptop, I can only provide you with general information.

In this case you would need to open the back of the laptop, locate the hard drive, remove it and install the new one.


Note: The procedure varies from computer to computer.

Thank you

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