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I keep getting error 401 on my Magic jack. I would powercycle and leave it off for a few minutes, then restart the MJ from the menu. It would work but after 1 call I would get it again. Is there a more permanent solution for this?

Magicjack error 401 is a pain for me and any explanation would be of great help


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Hello Cathy peacock,

Error 401 in magic jack can be due to several reasons, and I will advise you two of the most common reasons and solutions, which were fixed in two of my colleague’s connections.

1. The very first fix is that you try to update your Magic jack software, this fix resolve the issue for the ssl connectivity between your system, and MJ systems. To update, simply click on the link below, and download the file on your desktop.

After the download is complete, simply run the downloaded file (preferably as administrator) and follow the steps. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT WHEN YOU CLICK ON THE LINK MJ IS PLUGGED IN.

2. The second fix is the one which perplexed even the MJ support team. What happens is that the system which had MJ running had the operating system Win7, and applies only if your network card is of “Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller”. If yes, simply roll back its driver, and your problem will be solved.

If both of the above solutions do not work then I suggest go to the url:

And check on the article written under the heading “MagicJack Knowledge Base Results”.


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A lot of possible reasons may be causing your Magic Jack to have an error 401. It could be your Internet connection, program compatibility, or your Magic Jack needs an update. First of all, try to connect your MJ to another USB port. If it works, then the problem is in the USB port of your computer. If it produces the same error, then we should continue with the next resolutions. Check your Internet connection if its firm or stable. In order to make a call using your MJ, you need to have an Internet Connection. Restart your modem or router to ensure that there is no issue with the connection.

Also, the error is suggesting to restart your device. Turn off MJ for few minutes and then turn it on again and connect it to your computer.

Some programs may also cause your MJ to work incorrectly. Try disabling program such as Zone Alarm or Desktop Calendar. You also need to set your computer's time to the current date and time. Incorrect date and time may also cause error 401 to appear.

Download and install the latest version of Magic Jack. An update to your device can also fix the issue. And lastly, call the Magic Jack Support Team. They have live support which you can talk to and relay your issues. They can refresh your Magic Jack account/number which can absolutely fix the error 401.

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