Coppermine Photo Gallery & RSS generator

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I have been using Coppermine Photo Gallery for my website I just need to know how I can install RSS generator so that my visitors will automatically get updates and messages when I post new stuff.

You guys can sure help me.



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Coppermine Photo Gallery & RSS generator


Hi Jacob,

Here is how I do it. There are plenty of ways on how to do it but here is one that I can attest that it really is working.

First up is you have to download the Google AJAX Feed API.

Google AJAX Feed API seems to be the quickest way to embed an RSS Feed to your website or blog. Embedding the RSS Feed is quick and simple if you use that tool, and it should just take a few seconds for you to do that.

Go here, choose the layout of the embedded RSS feed widget. It can be a normal vertical layout, a vertical stack, or a horizontal bar that streams articles from your RSS Feed.

Click Preview to check out a preview of the widget, and then click Generate Code.

Copy and paste the generated code on your site and you’ll see the RSS feed embedded along with other elements on your web page.

However, you cannot specify a feed URL directly – there’s no option to do that. If you’ve got a blog, just type in its name and the Google AJAX Feed API will automatically discover the feed of that blog. If auto-discovery fails, you can manually edit the feed URL in the code.


Hope this helps,

Bruce Banners

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Coppermine Photo Gallery & RSS generator


What you need to do to keep your visitors informed of your latest posts is to create your own RSS feed and then link it to your web page. First, create an RSS feed file. Visit Feed For All so you can easily create your own RSS feed for your website. Download and install it on your computer. It supports Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

Once installed, start Feed For All then create your own RSS feed for your website. The RSS feed is an XML file. When you are finished, upload the RSS feed file to your website. After that, create a link in your page pointing to your RSS feed file. For example: <a href=””>Subscribe Now!</a>. This is the easiest way to install an RSS feed to your website.

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