How to download and install samsung svenska language?

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Hello experts,

How to download and install Samsung svenska language? I need an accurate step by step process on how to do the installation and also for a safer download technique. Share your ideas. Thanks

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How to download and install samsung svenska language?



Hi Aaron,
These are the steps in downloading the Svenska language.
1. Go to the Android Market
2. Sign in to your account and Accept the terms and conditions of the Android Market
3. Search for the language pack you want to install. Since you are searching for Svenska, type Svenska and wait for the results    to be displayed.
4. Once the  results show that the language is available, click the language to install. Language packs may be free or be paid. 
5. If installation is completed, close the Android Market.
6. Go to applications, then languages, and finally tap the language you installed. This will then change your settings to the new language chosen.
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How to download and install samsung svenska language?


Samsung manufactures Smartphones and tablets with a set of languages particular to the locale where they are intended to be sold. If the language you want is not available on your device, installing an app from the Google Play store might help. There are two ways to change the language on your device: the system language and the keyboard.

When you change the language used on your keyboard, it only affects the keyboard and doesn’t changes the language used by the system. And this is the same when you change the system language of your device, the keyboard language is not affected. To change the system language of your Samsung Smartphone, go to “Apps”, “Settings”, “Language and input”, and then “Language”.

Samsung change system language

To change the language of your keyboard, go to “Apps”, “Settings”, “Language and input”, “Language”, and then tap the gear icon next to “Samsung keyboard”. Tap “Select input languages” then “OK”. This should update the list of languages from the server. You can also tap “Later” to skip the update. Check the language you want to use from the list.

Samsung change keyboard language

You can also tap a language under “AVAILABLE LANGUAGES” to download on your device. On the other hand, you can also download the Swedish Language Pack from the Google Play store. This is actually a keyboard language pack for the AnySoftKeyboard keyboard app. Before installing Swedish Language Pack, AnySoftKeyboard has to be installed first.

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