Confused with jomsocial and community builder

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Developing a social networking site, I am confused whether to use jomsocial or community builder.

Please help me out to choose the best component.


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Confused with jomsocial and community builder



Jomsocial and Community builder both are good, but in comparison Jomsocial is much better. The reason of my opinion as follows:

For giving an opinion about something first you have to analyze about some factors. Community builder is good but need to spend much time on it then the Jomsocial. Beside these Community builders have many bugs but jomsocial have very fewer bugs.

In Jomsocial it needs to spend less time then community builder so there will save time & cost. Jomsocial is very easy to use then the community builder.

Jomsocial is somewhat more stable and reliable, look's better also it's more built around integration with potential 3rd party Software's.

Considering all these above I prefer Jomsocial. I can ensure you that you will like jomsocial more than the community builders.

Thank you.

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Confused with jomsocial and community builder



I'm new here and I'd like to comment on your thread well  i did a lot of research.

I have seen a lot of websites with different  components / JS & CB jomsocial & community builder well  i honestly think Jomsocial is better I did try the latest version and it worked fine i didn't want to go with CB for simple reason. You got to renew your sub  after one year.

It doesn't have the same app even it looks like they got the same thing,, i did try both of them,,,wasn't very happy with the free CB  as i was with the JS trial 

If u want to create some website that gets you a lot of traffic,,

I think JS is the best simply coz it is something like Facebook and it got a nice apps.

Hope my reply helps 🙂

have a nice day

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