How can I restrict browsing of some vulgar websites?

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I want to ask how can I restrict vulgar websites from my son's access.

I want these sites to be disabled so that my son won't be able to access it.

Do I need to purchase a certain software or do can I just set it up myself.

Thank you.

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How can I restrict browsing of some vulgar websites?


Hello Jet.

The easiest way I know is to set up OpenDNS (

To set it up, simply replace the DNS setting of your router with these IP addresses:

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

They even have a service especially for your situation:

It’s totally free and all you have to do is sign up!

You can actually make the changes to the DNS entry on your operating system but it is advisable to set it up on the router so that anyone who connects to your router will have the protection given by OpenDNS. Works great if you have more than one computer at home.

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How can I restrict browsing of some vulgar websites?



To restrict vulgar website, I may suggest to install Parental Control software. Most security software has this feature and available for download.

Once downloaded, you just need to restrict his/her log-in. You can limit the time usage and trace websites they visited. Restrict and block websites that is not suitable for his age and or block specific content, searches related to vulgar sites.

A good example of Parental Control is CAISS, My Kids Parental Control. This software has all the features mentioned above.

If you don't have this security software installed, you still block vulgar websites using Internet Explorer.

You need to know the websites to block and related sites.

* Open your web browser, Go to Tools, Internet Options
* Click Content tab and click on Enable button

* In the Ratings tab, choose the category you want to block and allowed

* Go to Approved Sites, block the specific websites

* On General tab, you can create password to overwrite the changes
* Choose Ok and that should be it.

Putting in a Supervisor Password
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How can I restrict browsing of some vulgar websites?


OpenDNS is an excellent solution but if you want to try another solution or simply one that will complement DNS through filtering and time access then I suggest Norton Safety Minder ( 

The free version is enough to get the job done.  If you want more features, you can get the paid version.

To get it on your PC you only have to do the following:

1.  Sign up in Norton Online Family website.

2.  Download and install Norton Safety Minder

Set it up for your child's account following the simple instructions on the application and on the Norton Online Family website.  The software runs in the background and is secure enough that it cannot be disabled by your child.

Hope this helps!

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