Developer’s Front-end HTML 5 and CSS3 – What’s new?

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Developers what do you think the most important upgrade to HTML 5 is?

I would ask the same of the new version of CSS; CSS3. 

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Developer’s Front-end HTML 5 and CSS3 – What’s new?


The changes made  HTML 5is that new elements such as “section, article, embed” are enhanced. The new attributes such as “fieldset, input,textarea” are enhanced. Some elements such as center, font, strike are absent.

Some attributes such as “axis, scope, summary” are also deleted.HTML5 introduces a number of APIs that help in creating Web applications. “Inner HTML, get_elements by class name()” are its extensions.

The most Important Change is the API to create web applications.Such as Playing Audio, video, offline applications. Editing API is the major change or upgradation. Now one can drag and drop API. Thus HTML is now Fun.

In Case of CSS3, Some elements are newly added.

Adobe Dreamweaver supports CSS

standards for CSS are developed by World Wide Web

Functions such like opacity, Text-overflow, media queries and box shadows 


  • border-color
  • border-image
  • border-radius
  • box-shadow


  • background-origin and background-clip
  • background-size
  • multiple backgrounds


  • HSL colors
  • HSLA colors
  • opacity
  • RGBA colors

Text effects

  • text-shadow
  • text-overflow
  • word-wrap


  • box-sizing
  • resize
  • outline
  • nav-top, nav-right, nav-bottom, nav-left


  • attribute selectors

Basic box model

  • overflow-x, overflow-y

Generated Content

  • content

Other modules

  • media queries
  • multi-column layout
  • Web fonts
  • speech
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Developer’s Front-end HTML 5 and CSS3 – What’s new?


HTML5 is the latest version of the HyperText Markup Language or HTML that was designed in the late 80s prior to HTML4. Its function is to describe or illustrate documents that are linked to each other. One of the great advantages of HTML5 is that the language is being created around WebApps. A WebApp is a small focused application that is able to run on a web browser or as a mobile application.

Several features of HTML5 include offline storage or its capacity to manage data even if the application is already offline or is no longer connected to the internet. Another feature is geo-location or its capacity to detect or distinguish and work with the user’s location as well as exceptional rich media support that can provide easy to apply audio and video elements.

One of the great enhancements in HTML5 is the advancement of rich media tags such as audio and video. The main disadvantage of HTML5 is that it can only be supported on modern web browsers. Another issue with HTML5 is that though elements of the language are actually stable, HTML5 itself is regarded as a work in progress.

So basically, if this is its status, any of its elements could change at any time. It is expected that HTML5 will not be completed in several years which further complicates things.

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