How to change away messages with color?

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Hi guys,

Is it possible to change away messages with color in AOL?

How can I do that?

Please tell me how to do in details


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How to change away messages with color?


Hi there!

It is possible to change the font color of your away message in AOL.

Just follow these easy steps on setting up your away message:

  1. In the Buddy list window, click the away message drop-down list and select Set Up Away Messages.
  2. In the Set Up Away Messages click on New button.
  3. In the Enter Title box type in your desired away message.
  4. In the Enter New Message box type in your message (this will be your automatic response to those who will send you instant messages).
  5. Highlight your message. (click and drag the cursor to highlight your message)
  6. Use the buttons provided at the top of the text box. Those buttons can change the font color, background color, font size and font style of your message.
  7. 7. Click on Save.
  8. 8. Then exit the Set Up Away Message window.

Note : AOL 8.0 version does not support Away Message Customization. 

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