Software that can convert English to Bangla

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Hi friends,

Day by day people are becoming dependent on technology .We have lot of software created that serve people. Have any software that can convert English to bangle? That can compress our work easily . Now world is going to digital .Then easily can realize English language also learn.


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Software that can convert English to Bangla


Hi Jerin449,

Yes there is!

The Shabdik Standard Edition is without a doubt typically the simplest Bangla typing software program intended for just about all type of applications which includes active speller as well as automatic correction

This is actually the single Bangla software in which users do not have to type complete words, the software automatically chooses the term using the prefix by way of dictionary match making.

This innovative technology (referred to as IxPad) as a result makes it possible for a high-speed Bangla typing. Keying in just kinkrt users will be able to acquire complete word kinkrtobobimurh. At an average, only 6 key strokes are necessary for inputting any length of words.

The software comes together with Active speller using an internal dictionary of more than 1 lac words. In addition, it displays numerous suggestions available for the particular keystroke.

This particular application supports Unicode and ANSI mode typing and is actually capable of operating together with all other applications. It features support to standard computer keyboard layouts such as Bangladesh National Keyboard Layout/ Unijoy (The clone of Bijoy ). Furthermore the application offers you the opportunity to create your very own customized pc style keyboard layout.

This software program learns the user's preference as they make use of the application , generating appropriate hints pretty much all the time.

Below are various significant features of "Shabdik Bangla software":      

  • Absolutely no need to worry about memorizing a different keyboard layout, Type using the standard English computer keyboard.
  • Dictionary structured automated word suggestions for typed words.
  • Built-in Dictionary having more than 100,000 Bangla words.
  • Single layer versatile phonetic keyboard. Quick conversion from English to Bangla.
  • Continuous Inclusion of New words into Dictionary as they are typed for the first time.
  •  Incorporates two distinct modes for pleasant typing, specifically Letter Mode and Dictionary Mode.
  • Compliant with unicode version 4. Therefore virtually all form of Bangla sorting, searching is achievable with documents composed in Shabdik.
  • Continually selecting the top used words through usage of the program.
  • Operates on per application structure providing simple and easy, toggling between English and Bangla.
  • Runs on all Unicode Compliant Software programs. Thereby supporting all kinds of Bangla computing e.g. Email, Internet Chat, Notepad etc.
  • Compatible with Windows 2000 and later, Microsoft Office 2003 and later versions.  * Compliant with Windows 2000 and later, Office 2003 and later versions.

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Shabdik Standard Edition 5.1.4: Free Download

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Software that can convert English to Bangla


The simplest and one of the best translators I know is none other than the GOOGLE translator.

You can go to and in left hand corner you will find translator where you can translate more that 20 languages in the language you want in just a click.

No software you will find which is 100% exact but this one you can believe on.

There are many other translators you can find if you find on

This is site other than Google which may help:-




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