Give Me Idea on What is PerformerSoft LLC Software

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My 12-year old nephew borrowed my laptop to play some flash games and have his school research.

When I got the laptop back, I have this PerformerSoft LLC.

I don't know why he downloaded and installed the software.

What is PerformerSoft LLC software? Isn't it a security threat in my laptop?


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Give Me Idea on What is PerformerSoft LLC Software


Hello Keith,

It could possibly a threat and such type of software could infect your computer with a virus. It is not really required on your computer and you can get rid of by following the below steps:


1. Click Start – Type msconfig.

2. Go to startup tab and search for Performer Software LLC or install brain.exe

3. Then uncheck that program and click ok.

4. The system will ask you to restart your machine and once the machine is restarted than again a pop up will come which would say that you have recently made some changes in the system. Anyways just click ok.


1. Click Start and type on the open box “ %temp%”

2. Windows will come up with lots of temporary files which need to be deleted.

3. But before you delete it, I would like you to click on the tab which says Organize and got to Folder and Search options.

4. Folder option window will come up. In that go to the view tab and can see the option which says hidden files and folders.

5. Select the radio button which says Show hidden files, folders and drives and click ok.

6. Press Ctrl + A to select all and press Shift + delete. This will remove all your temporary files from the computer.


Search for Performer Software LLC or install brain or any unrecognized software under Add or Remove programs and uninstall it.

Then perform a full anti-virus scan on the laptop.

The above steps will help you resolve this and your computer will be protected.


Keaton Christoper

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Give Me Idea on What is PerformerSoft LLC Software




PerformerSoft is a software house established in 2010 and since then it has given to the world software likes PC Optimizer, driver automatic updater, data recovery and more.

PerformerSoft's General consumer product lineup includes those marketed as PC optimization and performance tools.

If want to know more check this link:

No it’s not a threat for you PC, though you can uninstall it you want.


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