Here’s a strange ?software? / ?hardware? problem.

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I'm running Fedora2 on a 10 gig HD with a second 160G as a data drive.

I have several folders on the data drive with R/W/E for anyone (public folders for a file server).

I can copy files to the data drive, but I am unable to copy, create, rename or delete folders.

I can copy, create and delete individual files.

Whenever I try to do any folder modification I get the message:
I need a solution for this.

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Here’s a strange ?software? / ?hardware? problem.


That drive might have viruses inside that prevents you from copying in it, or your system is the one that is infected.

Solution 1:

Install an anti virus in your system and scan all through your drives on your computer. See if any viruses infects your system that prevents you from copying folders.

Solution 2:

Try formatting or repair your operating system and then try doing what you are doing and see if the problem still exist. Also back up your files from the other drive and then start formatting it as well. Install anti virus software to make sure that you are protected.

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Here’s a strange ?software? / ?hardware? problem.


If you can't copy or rename, it means you have no rights to make any changes in that folder.

log off and log in as an administrator.

If the problem exists, try it on safemode, and make sure you have a lot of free disk space at your main HD.

Also make sure no one are using the files while you renaming it!..

For example,mp3 player you play the song wonderful tonight and then you want to  rename it while playing, it is very impossible, you can't rename it or move it because the mp3 player is using it!.

Check it out!

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