D3dx9_42.dll Error Messages problem solution

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How to fix D3dx9_42.dll Error Messages

"D3dx9_42.dll not found. Reinstalling might help fix this."

"D3dx9_42.DLL Not Found"

"File d3dx9_42.dll not found"      I am receiving this message when I doule click on the game,

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D3dx9_42.dll Error Messages problem solution


Hello Hammadkhan7,

I advice you to first restart your computer whenever you get this error, restarting the computer may solve the problem.

Another sauce of the error is lack of latest Microsoft Directx. To solve this, do one of the following,

1. Check on the Game installation disc, and install the Directx found on it. if this does not help,

2. Try downloading the latest Directx version from Microsoft website, alternatively you can just update the version of the directx you have. Run your game again and see if it works.

3. Uninstall the game and all its installation files and re-install it. This may fix any problem which might have occured during installation.

4. Make sure all your video card drivers are updated, this is easy, just go to "Administrative tools" in the control panel, click on computer management, and click on 'Device Manager' from the list displayed look for Video card and right click on it. Click on update driver, with an internet connection the drivers will be updated.

5.As a last option, download a "d3dx9_42.dll DLL" file from any DLL site and install it on your computer.

Good luck

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D3dx9_42.dll Error Messages problem solution


You have a problem with the directX in your computer and you need it to run on your computer.

Solution 1:

Update your operating system on the most latest update of the Windows 7. The windows 7 operating system is not perfect at the first installation and will only give stability once you have all of the updates installed in your computer. It prevents your computer to run or install software once it sees that it is missing something. I am sure that the game you installed already installed the directx that it needs.

Solution 2:

Look for the installer of the directx once again and then try to reinstall it in your computer. There might be some missing plugins that it didn't install even though you are updated with your operating system.

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