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Author: Finlay
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Hi guys I have a old mouse that was working properly on my windows XP but when I interested in win 7 it got installed but not working properly. Its time to find a generic joystick drivers that can make it working. Do you have any idea to solute the situation?

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Hi Finlay,

You have to find the drivers for generic joystick for windows 08. I have only one Idea please download this driversand try if this support, But i am using this drivers in my own Generic Joystick.

Please download the drivers from mentioned link:

I hope it may help you. Thanks!

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Hello Finlay,

You need to install a generic joystick driver for window 7. This will make your Joystick work well with window 7. I suggest before you install any generic driver on your system, turn on system restore. This will help you to restore your system to its previous state in case the software installation cause any malfunction to your system. Download generic joystick driver for Window 7




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Hello Finly

You can try to make your mouse work properly. You need to go the Control Panel, then Hardware, then click Mouse to go to Properties, then uninstall the driver, reinstall it, and restart your PC. I think it will work since your mouse driver is not currently working.